Leder Panzer summer 2018 tournament

Leder Panzer is an online multiplayer game for PC – it’s a less serious tank […]

Leder Panzer is on Steam in closed beta – join now!

Leder Panzer is a multi-faceted arcade-style multiplayer tank game (for Windows and Linux) where you […]

Leder Panzer

We’ve just released the crowdfunding campaign for our latest upcoming game – the Leder Panzer. […]

Car Bonbon

I’ve just released Car Bonbon – an ultra-casual, retro arcade car game for 2-4 players. […]

Dope Fiend score app (android)

Here’s the Dope Fiend (Bilekuosi) score app – a simple android app supporting up to […]

Useful list of game development tools and guides

I’ve gathered a list of tools  that help you develop professional assets to your game. […]

Dudesons the board game

In 2012 my company White Nose Games (Valkoinen Nenä OY) produced Dudesons – the board […]

Global Game Jam 2013 – Moby Big

I participated the Global Game Jam 2013 in Tampere. This is what our ad hoc […]

Dope Fiend – the card game

Dope Fiend is a card game about drug dealing and abuse. The game was released in […]