Dudesons the board game


In 2012 my company White Nose Games (Valkoinen Nenä OY) produced Dudesons – the board game, which is by the time being only available in Finnish.

Perform hazardous stunts and pranks. Get crippled. Still do some stunts you can still manage without legs. Get a lift to the hospital and take the trophy for the maddest Dudeson in the next round.

Dudesons -the board game is a card/board game of bluff and strategy. It’s also very casual. Note: doesn’t involve performing physically in real life. At least not according to the rulebook. Yet. And it’s good that way.

The volume of the first print (of the game) was 3000 pieces.

I think we did a good job in:

  1. Respecting the title brand with game design
  2. Making a casual, yet strategic game
  3. Not being a ripoff. We had designers and researchers with test groups working on it for zillions of iterations.
  4. Leaving a couple of silly graphic mistakes on a few cards. Oops.

English version coming up (hopefully).

Here’s the link to Dudesons’ web shop: http://kauppa.duudsonit.com/product/264/duudsonit-lautapeli