Leder Panzer is on Steam in closed beta – join now!

Leder Panzer is a multi-faceted arcade-style multiplayer tank game (for Windows and Linux) where you drive a tank that has a head – usually with a barrel / gun installed. The current version of the game has five different tanks: Ralf (assault), Frank (artillery), Helga (heavy), Skuggan (sniper) and Adolf (krhm, someone asked us to change that – so it might) the Cleanser, who sucks up artillery shells with his giant vacuum cleaner. Every tank has their own special abilities and features. We wanted a game where you’d have to think and plan ahead – rather than just shoot faster than the other guy. Everything from how you position your tank, what elevation you’re at, are you using ballistic or direct fire weapons, which side of the cliff are you on when someone fires nukes at you, do you have a plan B after being spotted, is it better to ram or shoot, which tank is best suited against which, how to ping on the map (hold G for ping menu) – even if it sounds like a lot, it’s all very intuitive after the first few minutes.

There’s two unlocked levels in the demo right now: Resort and Mega Crater. Resort is a conquest level where your team captures the flags littered around the map, and Mega Crater is a deathmatch rally map.

The game has a lot of tactics and the meta hasn’t fully evolved yet – there’s a lot of discovery even after years of playing the game with our testers.

So we need more testers! Preferably a lot! Join us on discord here: https://discord.gg/HeFNQKm

.. and ask for the Steam keys to the closed beta!

You can also join our Facebook group.

Originally we started working on the prototype of the project back in late 2013 – only by the end of the year we had our first actual tank asset in place and a simple multiplayer game working. There were two guys back then – me and my old friend from the university. Then I recruited an amazing intern to Mind-altering Games and we started working on the game with the new intern day-to-day. We made new tanks, new weapons, levels and features kept crawling in an uncontrolled fashion. Then we introduced Teemu. He’s my old boss and I think he’s amazing – he’s produced some great content as well as technically led the project, while doing programming, graphics, level design, music and a kick-ass music video. Since this has been a free time project with no deadline – we’ve had some hiatus while we’ve had to focus on other projects. Recently we’ve locked the features, polished, hired some graphics talent and iterated the gameplay with good players. We know it could still use some polishing, but we’ll get there. Our original plan was to make a fun game for ourselves and for people like us – and it still is.

Hope to get our asses kicked by you soon!