New developments!

We, four engineering students from the same school and former colleagues, have just started a new game company called Rocket Koala!

Originally we started our collaboration to release my soon three year old tank game Leder Panzer. Indeed quite recently we’ve wrapped up the game ready for a demo release. Sounds great, but we’re still halting all development and other efforts for about two months starting now. During this time, the team works on a VR game to be released soon. I’ll join their efforts when I can later, but first I’ll work for seven days on a mobile game and release it. I’m doing this to challenge myself. I’ll release either five mobile games or I’ll stop as soon as any of them makes a $1000 a day. That’s the rules of my challenge. I might continue the challenge later after I’ve released the first one, since helping out the guys working on the VR title deserves a little urgency for now.

We’ll release Leder Panzer eventually, but for now – don’t hold your breath. Actually – just join the Facebook group if you want to try out a pre-release version of the game any day now.

Now you can start holding your breath for my mobile game. 😀