Our dedicated staff works fervently towards the goal of achieving a better quality of life for every human being on the planet.

Our work includes publications (such as games, books and articles), politics and grassroots activism.

Main philantropist – Mika Isomaa

Mika’s actions can only be described as philantropic. Nothing else explains his motivation for publishing the kind of stuff you’ll find on these pages.

Altruist – Matti Aronen

Matti has a long history of being an altruist as a hobby. He started his work at Mind-altering Games in 2008 when it was founded and he’s been our official altruist ever since.

Web hamster – Maija Haavisto

Maija has been our main web hamster for as long as we can remember. She has big cheeks and can cache 10 web pages there at a time.