Useful list of game development tools and guides

I’ve gathered a list of tools  that help you develop professional assets to your game. I’ve also listed some  tutorials and guides to help you learn the essentials of game development. Note: The list focuses mostly on Unity3D -based development.

Game development

Unity 3D – a powerful, free, multi-platform game development tool with a big community and a lot of free assets available.

Microsoft visual studio express – includes amongs others, a free c#/c++ compiler and a good development environment.

Microsoft XNA Game studio – Microsoft’s tool for the job – for their platforms.

Construct 2 – HTML5 game development made easy – no scripting

Game Maker

Ogre3D – an open source 3D engine

OgreBullet – a bullet physics wrapper for Ogre3D

Adventure Game Studio (pc-only, otherwise limited too, but free) – Box2D – the 2D physics engine of angry birds

Farseer physics – physics engine based on Box2D

Unity 3D -related links

E2D Terrain editor – Good-looking 2D terrains made easy

Destructible 3D terrain example for unity

Modify terrain heightmap at runtime (craters)

Terrain data (Unity3D terrain)

Fast moving objects and collision detection (DontGoThroughThings)

Vuforia AR (Augmented reality sdk, also for Unity)

High scores – server side high scores for unity

Influence mapping in Unity

Networking solutions comparison

Triangulator – turn your 2D polygon into mesh

Simple audio visualization for unity

Unity serializer – easily save GameObjects – even procedural ones – to be retrieved later

Substance materials – procedural materials for Unity

ArrayPrefs – Save Arrays to player preferences

Write playerprefs faster on Android and iOS – it can be slow when saving multiple

GameDraw – make your meshes and UV-map them right inside Unity! A very powerful tool.

Game analytics for Unity – track player behaviour with heat maps, etc.

Unity tutorials – Good set of videos covering the basics. Includes a game of life demo.

Best practices with Unity – 50 best practices for Unity3d – worth a read.


3D Studio Max – state of the art 3D modeling, animating and rendering tool.

ZBrush – amazing 3D sculpting tool. Make and modify beautiful 3D models and export their low-poly meshes and normal maps to your game.

Maya – comprehensive 3D animation software

Cinema4D – another 3D modeling and animating tool

Blender – a free 3D modeling tool

Adobe Photoshop

Spriter – a great tool for making sprite sheet animations

Gimp – a free graphics software like Photoshop – only free and less usable

SSBump – normal map generator from grayscale images (Unity3D does this too, but SSBump is very configurable)

Toon Boom – a top-notch animation software with onion skins and wacom support

Sound editing

Audacity – probably the best free audio editor

Music tools

Free music software

LMMS – Linux multimedia studio (works also on windows despite the name – needs some VST plugins)

Free stuff

Jamendo – – Creative Commons music

Texture king – free textures

Mayang’s free textures

Archive 3D – free 3D models

Incompetech – royalty free music

Tutorials, guides and other useful links


Normal maps

Displacement maps


Marching cubes

A* search algorithm

Polygon triangulation and ear clipping

The core mechanics of influence mapping and AI pathfinding

Citygen thesis – a comprehensive thesis about procedural city generation

Collaboration tools

Trello – a simple and powerful ticket manager

Kirjoitusalusta – a Finnish implementation of Etherpad – the multiplayer notepad

Dropbox – share and sync your files online